Friday, 29 May 2015

A happy bunny once more

today, for the second time in as many weeks my eldest daughter and son in law have sold their flat. I so hope this one does not drop out. It is a first time buyer with a mortgage in place so it should go through quickly. She has just agreed to a temporary nanny job for 10 weeks so that will make time pass quickly. We should be able to finish the cave for them in that time. Downstairs is now almost framed out and should be finished by the end of the weekend. Then next week the plasterboard will go up.
On the home front...I have done some research into real dog food. At the moment they have a quality kibble but I am thinking of doing home made meals for them. I will certainly give it a go but accept they may not like the change.
My fabric has arrived that I will make myself some dresses with. Over the weekend I will dig out my tailors dummy as I find it easier to make a dress on this.
Just had to negotiate a French website. My mobile is from Le Clerc and I have an automatic monthly top up in place. The card I use expires on Sunday and I have had several texts reminding me. It took a lot of brain power but I have done it. I also coped with the lady reading the electric meters this morning. We had our electricity supply changed from triphase to single and they have put a thing on the outside wall that allows the meter to be read without coming into the house. It was hidden by the shutter and I did not know it was there! A lot goes over my head!
Tomorrow our guests leave and we have a week free. They have loved being here which makes me happy.


  1. So glad things seem to be working out for you and for your daughter too. I have a friend moving house - such a stressful time, so do hope everything works out for her.

  2. We are holding our breath waiting to hear it has gone through. It should be quick as no chain.