Monday, 18 May 2015

And it just keeps coming....

The ideas that is. I have ordered some dish cloth cotton ( yes it is actually called that) to make some dishcloths. Tomorrow I am going to make deoderant and I think that officially makes me a hippy! P is referring to me as 'the witch'! In a nice way of course. He is rather amused at what I am doing but supports my efforts. In a way we are on the same mission. He does the renovations and is learning on the job. I guess I am renovating us, removing the rubbish. We are both working at being self sufficient and I feel we are winning. There is still lots more we can do and I am looking forward to all the changes to come.
Today we have gravelled in front of the three Gites, and removed the weeds. The virginia creeper is growing well and has softened the front of the big barn. We need to get the front door on the far right Gite then the barn will look better. I have pointed the front of the finished Gite but need to get the rest of the barn done. It is a job I hate as I have to work from a ladder most of the time.
On Friday our season fully starts. We have had two lots of people stay so far this year but on Friday, barring a week at the end of August/early September we are booked right through to 10th October.
Another project I want to get going with is sorting out the pond. It has a leak caused by the ducks scrambling up the side. I have to drain it and clear all the muck out, repair the damage and refill it. Ducks are very messy and really I should clean out the pond annually. I had an idea of putting plastic coated wire all around the sides for them to grip and to protect the liner. I will also put more stones in at the other end to give them another place to get out. I need to invest in a decent pump to get the flow going again.
So life plods on, in a happy way and slowly we are our home a good place.


  1. Well done on your bookings. Are your visitors mainly Brits? I hope you still find time to blog I'm enjoying your posts.

  2. Yes, mainly Brits but occasionally other europeans. Our last couple were French.