Thursday, 21 May 2015


Literally! Sorry no pictures but I expect many of you are thankful for that!
It has been a strange day really. Daughter and sil left after lunch and I was very sad to see them go. They have helped so much the last 10 days. They were unhappy too knowing their buyer has pulled out but I am trying to focus on the positives. It gives us more time to finish their house. P has got on really well today starting to frame out downstairs. It will not be long before the plasterboard goes up.
Early evening some friends came round with their Jack Russell who is a good ratter. They are having my old chicken house. We went into the barn and lifted the chicken house and a family of rats scattered into the walls. Stig went mad chasing them but sadly did not catch them this time. We are going to build a platform and lift the nest boxes and feed bin up on it. This will remove a safe place for the rats to nest. We will also refill the gaps in the pointing of the walls to stop them using the walls to hide in. I do not particularly like the rats but my main complaint is they take the eggs. I have long felt the chicken barn needed sorting out so am pleased it has come to the top of the list. Once the stones have been replaced I plan to paint the inside white. With everything up off the floor I will be able to manage the deep litter better.
The chickens have been upset by all the excitement and one of them flew over the fence into the field. We hunted for her but failed to find her. Later she appeared the wrong side of the fence but I was able to catch her. As dusk fell I went to lock the barn and a hen was missing! Not the same one! I found her in the field too. Managed to chase her in so all tucked up safe now. The rats will probably rebuild the nest under the remaining house. We will build the platform tomorrow and start filling the holes but not lift the house and nest boxes up until friends can come back with Stig. I would rather the rats moved out but either way they have to go.
There are times when I cannot believe how I have changed. I was a complete townie.
I have started using the deoderant I made and it seems to working ok. I am also using the foundation powder every day and am entirely happy with it. I am nearly at the end of my current bottle of wash up liquid and am poised to make my own.
One of my ducks has built a nest and placed their eggs in it. I am hopeful! Yesterday I cleaned out goose hall and removed the eggs that had been there over two months. The geese went mad! Once I had put the new bedding in they both went in and looked for their eggs! They were not happy! I put a couple of the eggs back along with some fresh duck eggs. Mrs Goose is still not sitting so I took today's egg. If she builds a proper nest and seems broody I will leave her to it.
My first courgette has shown itself and the peas are growing well. Tomorrow I must earth up the potatoes. The elder flowers have begun too so it will not be long before I make the cordial.
Oh by the way I have ordered the wool/cotton to make dish cloths and found something called dishcloth cotton! Brilliant. Two balls ordered.
So tomorrow our guests arrive and as always I hope they love being here as much as I do.


  1. Good luck with the guests Aly, I'm sure they'll love it, I would

  2. A family of rats? That can't be good. And they have even taken residence in the walls. The automatic reaction here is to find their nest, so that you could deal with them in one swoop. Good luck!

    Debra Owen @ Invader