Monday, 4 May 2015


I have been trying for the last hour to sort out a piccie. Head now hurts so have given up.
It has rained nearly all day, the grass is growing at a silly rate. It will be hard work getting the mower round it. Perhaps I should keep the chickens in the run tomorrow and let the geese into the orchard. Will give it some thought.
Took the dogs on a three mile walk this morning and they are still crashed.
My pond has a leak that is on the list to fix. Due to all the rain it is full just now, it cannot drain quicker than the rain falls! It is on my radar to drain and clean the pond as it is full of duck and goose poo! When I lifted up the ramp that forms the duck house there was a darling medium sized toad underneath. I rather like toads, weird I know!
We have had a problem with the blue rav. After lots of research we knew it was either the fuel pump filter (£20) or the fuel pump itself (£700 +). We thought it best to start with the cheapest option and amazingly it was the cause of the problem. That rarely happens so P is feeling very pleased he was able to fix it.
I am feeling increasingly more desperate to have something done in my house. Last year P put in the cloakroom which was lovely but I need a bit more. Will have to be gentle in suggesting it. P is amazing with all he does, electricity , plumbing, framing and boarding. He has built staircases and windows and doors. All self taught. We could not afford to have a builder do it all so just had to get on with it.
So life plods on, some days good some not so. But the sun comes up every day ( not always obvious) and we keep going. One day the work will be finished.


  1. I too love toads, weird or not. The grass is growing as you watch it here too because suddenly it is a tad warmer and we have had two days of rain. We need it in the fields so that the cattle have plenty of grass, but the lawns are another thing entirely.

  2. I had to rescue a toad from the dog's water bucket yesterday - he was about the size of the palm of my hand. We often have very pretty, little, bright green frogs, about the size of a plum, hiding in our patio pots.