Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Roses round the door

Amazed myself and managed to put up another picture. This is my front door, you can see the date stone above..1832.. The plants either side are white climbing roses. So I really do have roses round the door.
When we bought the house there was an old front door that had a gap underneath where the doorstone had worn. At this time we were coming over for a weekend each month arriving very late on the Friday night. I would always have to hunt the toad who used to come in under the door. It became a game and it was always in the house. Maybe that is where my love of toads came from.
The door was fitted by P and the window bit opens which I rather like.
Today has been very windy and I had fun staking the peas. All canes are in and the first level of string is in place. The peas are going mad. The red onions are doing well too. This year I tried putting butternut squash seeds direct in the soil as my greenhouse is still not ready. One seed so far has sprouted. I will be so pleased if the plants produce the squash. The courgettes are looking good too.
The soft fruit bushes are full of leaves and even my new plum trees have blossom. The cherry trees are laden with little green fruits so I am hoping for a bumper crop.
On a personal front, this morning I coloured my hair and feel happier. I have ordered a vat of castille liquid soap and will make my own shampoo. I also have beeswax coming to make lipstick. The long term plan is to have a couple of hives so we can have honey and wax of our own. I am very keen to do this.
I have stocked up on white vinegat and bicarb ready to make cleaning products. This is my next area to deal with. I have added another element to my going green and am going to reduce the plastic. Again I have done a lot of reading about this..I had no idea there was plastic in my toothpaste! The more you look at the green subject the more you discover that is wrong with the way we live today.


  1. Plastic and toothpaste don't seem to go together somehow. Think I shall have to consider an alternative too.

  2. Your toad tale reminding me of my childhood. A very old house, a gap under the door and a toad who lived under the bathroom sink (bare concrete floor). It was like a pet and he would wander around at night catching bugs. One year a second smaller toad joined it (apprentice?). I, too, now love to find toads in my gardens. Thanks for evoking a fond memory. :-D

  3. We had a door with windows when we lived on the main street of a village. It was very useful for letting just a litlle breath of fresh air into the house - and for dealing with the odd door-to-door salesman!