Tuesday, 2 June 2015

My boys and other things

The dogs that is. The slow cooker is currently on with the dogs dinner in it! I am moving away from commercial kibble that I spend a fortune on! I have read lots of websites to gather information and now know what is needed. As I am nearly at the end of the current sack seems a good time to start. I bought a big pack of chicken thighs when shopping this morning. P commented that his food was cheaper...10 pork steaks for €4 and ten chicken thighs for €8. I will make the meals in batches and freeze it in portions. Today it is chicken ( I will remove the bones once cooked) with carrots, potatoes and celery with rice added for the last 1/2 hour. There is enough for 3 meals. They will have the meat meal in the evening. For breakfast it will be scrambled egg with rice. Eggs I always have in abundance. I have a recipe for Bonio type biscuits so once this box is nearly gone I will make them too. I have to order Bonio from Amazon as I cannot buy it here. I would like to move the cats to real food too but it is tricky as two of them are outdoor cats. They have a wooden cat house in the garden with a covered area for feeding.  Fresh food would attract flies and rats. Not nice. I have been feeding them an expensive kibble too but have now gone back to Whiskas. My indoor snowy bengal could have real food as she is mostly fed indoors.
My eldest daughter is embarking on a food regime to treat her severe PCOS and asked if almond milk could be bought here. No, but we can make it! It really is incredible what can be made. I have been getting quite a lot of respect for what I am doing too, although most feel they couldn't do it themselves.
All my fabric has arrived so soon I will begin dressmaking. I used to do it and made lots of the chidrens clothes when they were little. When my eldest was due to go to senior school she asked if she could have a jumper from the school shop rather than one I had knitted. I understood but was sad she felt that pressure. Now it does not bother me what people think, I think homemade is best!


  1. You do a lot more than I'd think of doing, Aly, well done on all that you are now achieving. Having said that, years ago when I was working I would never have dreamt of making bread, jams, chutneys, peanut butter etc....now I do all that and more. I would never have bought old or second hand furniture years ago either.....now we realise we can get much better quality stuff for a very cheap price, if we buy it second hand and do it up as necessary. It's amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it!

  2. You seem to have boundless energy but the end results must be so satisfying.