Monday, 25 May 2015

Look what I made

This is my first attempt at making soap. I used a base melting soap, added colour and scent and poured into moulds. For fun I bought some farm yard moulds but will invest in different ones as I get better at this. I plan to wrap one and put it in a small basket in the Gite bathroom as a small extra. I need to find the basket and the wrapping. Something organic for the wrapping. I will also make bath bombs and put a couple in the basket with the soap. P is going to do me some 'made at Le Tertre' labels to put on things. I have never been very confident about making things for other people, always doubting the quality. I have though started making things as gifts for friends. So far I have made two friends a crochet throw. It has amazed me how much I love making stuff for myself.
I have today noted recipes for lemonade and pina colada ice lollies thanks to 'live simply' a brilliant blog I follow. Tomorrow is shopping day so I will be sure to include what I need.
Today I also made my every day fruit cake, a favourite with us both.
I have ordered some fabric and a pattern to make myself a dress. I now have two patterns I like and will in future make these in different fabrics.
Today is a bank holiday here too, unusual for it to be a Monday. It is pentecost and we had a village do called fete de pentecost. It was basically a big vide grenier ( empty attic) which is like an English boot fair. As always there was a lot of rubbish and anything I liked was over priced. They rarely price anything which makes me suspicious as it feels like it is priced according to who you are. I found a wooden hand butter churn I would have liked but it was too expensive. There were the usual chickens and rabbits in cages that I wished I could buy just to give them a good life.
Started today feeling very glum but have kept busy and feel a bit better now. This often happens but I do feel tired at the moment which always makes me feel low.
There are veggies roasting in the oven which I will do with some fried eggs and we will have crepes with my bottled peaches and creme fraiche for pud. I have a box of crepes wrapped individually in the freezer. Which reminds me I must make some more veggie burgers.
Then an evening getting on with my crochet bed cover which is getting very big now.


  1. Aly your home-made soap looks absolutely lovely.
    The confidence thing sounds to me to be totally unjustified - but I know from experience that it is hard to believe in oneself. Hope that by the time you read this you are feeling more cheerful.

  2. Thankyou. I sent my eldest daughter a picture of it, she makes beautiful cards, she said we should do a market stall together. My youngest makes jewelry so maybe we could join forces! I need to make lots more and perfect it...there are a few bubbles on the back feeling better this evening thanks.

  3. so pretty they remind me of little jellies

  4. Hello just thought I would read your blog as weaver of grass mentioned you and send you a message to cheer you up! The soaps are cute and I am sure your guests will be entranced it is so nice for these little extras to be homemade specially a lot of love goes into them. Rosie

  5. Your soaps look lovely Aly, they are so cute, and as to the bubbles on the backs, surely that's the charm of homemade, it's shouldn't look like its shop bought, if you want to pm me your address in France, I might have a few molds hanging around here from when I had a go at soap making.