Saturday, 16 May 2015

View from my bedroom

This morning I was stood at my bedroom window drying my hair looking at this. I thought I should share it. I can watch birds flying around and squirrels in the trees too. The cute red variety not the grey ones! Sometimes there are cows in the bottom field too. I never tire of seeing this. A few years ago when in England I looked over other gardens and houses and thought nothing of it. Now I cannot see another building. I know how fortunate I am.
Yesterday we received a blow, our daughter's buyer pulled out. The solicitor was concerned the lease was only 73 years even though the paperwork is being processed to extend the lease. The plan was to pay for this very expensive piece of paper from the equity. Now the money has to be raised by us all. Daughter and sil go back next Thursday and will try to raise the money. They will take the flat off the market until the lease is sorted then re market it. I am trying to view it as a blip, not a major thing. It gives us more time to get their house ready too.
On that note P has done the first fix plumbing, always scary due to the issue of leaks. In France water is at a high pressure so is difficult to work with. We are getting closer to boarding out downstairs which will make a huge difference to the look of the place. We have a large fireplace in the kitchen with an equally large chimney. My wood burning oven sits our side and their woodburner is their side sharing the chimney. The chimney is so big it can take two flues! Last winter there was a hole in the wall waiting for a pipe to be fitted and it made my kitchen so cold. The hole is now closed so the coming winter will be easier. The biggest difference will come when we have our roof re done. Old French houses have no underfelt so a lot of cold air gets in under the eaves. Along with mice! Our roof is sagging badly and tiles keep slipping. It is becoming ever more urgent but as fast as we save money a big bill comes in! At the moment we have three tax bills to pay this year! Fortunetly our Gite is fully booked this year. We keep having mad ideas about being able to build up our capital! One day!
Somehow nothing can ever be so bad when you live in a place like this!

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