Thursday, 7 May 2015

Happy bunny

that is me.....daughter has today had two offers on the flat. Negotiations have begun. Should mean they move here by September. They arrive on Saturday for 10 days to get on with The Cave as their house is known. It gives us impetus too to get on and finish it. There is still a fair bit to the bathroom, board downstairs, 2nd fix electrics and plumbing, flooring, fit the kitchen, and decorate throughout. They have a big caravan here to use as a base but they are staying in the Gite this trip. We then have paying guests coming in the day after daughter leaves and it is eyes down for a busy season.
I have waited so long for my eldest and her hubby to come here. It took quite a while for them to decide to come. Then five months on the market and loads of viewings but no offers until now. My younger daughter is happy too as she is very close with her sister. We will all benefit from being together. My two son in laws get on well too.
It is amazing how life can suddenly change.
P has carried on today trying to get the flue sorted out for daughters wood burner. The pipe work is now done, just the cementing to do. Then the wall between our homes will be done. At the moment I have two large holes behind the cooker.
I found a wonderful app today, google translate that allows you to speak into the iPad in English and it gives you the French. And vice versa. You can also photograph a road sign and it translates. All off line! It Will certainly make life easier.

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  1. I am sure that having your family over with you will make such a difference - you sound to be getting on with things nicely.