Wednesday, 27 May 2015

And the home made continues

first batch of washing up liquid is in the bottle. I have yet to try it. I am now used to the laundry soap and cleaning stuff. I am also happy with my moisturizer and foundation powder. I am doing well with cooking from scratch too.
Today I made a honey and lemon drink that is in a big jug in the fridge. I have never liked coke and only ever drank lemonade if I had a fizzy drink. I usually only have my elder flower cordial or rosehip syrup if I want a flavoured drink. I am addicted to coffee which I would like to give up but it is the only hot drink I like. I drink it sugarless and black. I do now have instant rather than filtered which has to be better.
Tomorrow my fabric should arrive but I want to finish my blanket before starting on my dresses.
Took the dogs forba good walk this afternoon and big guy was so good. We always keep them on leads away from our land. He did not bother about any of the people we passed. He is now 3 1/2 and has calmed down so much.
Life plods on but I feel I am going in the right direction.


  1. From reading your posts it all seems to be going in the right direction as you say.

  2. It is still hard work negotiating French officialdom but is no longer scary. My language is improving which makes life easier. My main focus now is knowing that most of what I do here I could not have managed in the UK due to living on a housing estate with a small garden.