Wednesday, 6 May 2015

....and Wisteria round the windows

I planted the Wisteria as a stick three years ago and it has done amazingly well. To the right of the picture is the top of the fence that surrounds our front garden. The big window and small one are what will be our eldest daughter's and sil home! The front door is around the side. The window to the left is my kitchen. The orange bit you can see is a pottery gheko. I rather like them!
There is still a great deal of work to do, inside and out.
Today we had an outing with the expat club, lunch and a tour of a brewery. It turned out to be a fabulous day. I had a lovely vegetarian meal, starter, main, cheese, pud and wine €12.75 . The brewery is run by an enterprising French farmer, not something you find often. He runs an organic dairy farm and set up the brewery as an extra. He has formed a co operative with three other local organic farmers and they grow their own hops. He spoke pretty good English, was very comfortable with us and made us all laugh. We finished with a beer tasting session. It was so refreshing to meet someone like him. One of my better days here.
We had to leave the dogs at home and in the end it was 7 hours! No mess or damage anywhere! They are amazing. Took them for a walk and now they are crashed.
We are still contemplating trying to access the French health system without running a business. As we have been here and paid tax for more than five years we are resident and entitled to access the system. It is a daunting prospect! Doing this would enable our daughter and sil to run the Gite business giving them access to health care. We will discuss it with them when they are here next week. On the subject of our Gite, we now have 19 weeks booked! I am so pleased our business is viable.
I went in search of a container for my laundry soap I plan to make. It will be liquid and I hoped to find a glass container. Sadly I have come home with a plastic one which is not good for my mission to reduce plastic usage. At least I will keep it a long time. Hoping my castille soap arrives soon. It will be held up by the fact it is a bank holiday here Friday!
So now I will do some more of my blanket before having an early night as I feel very tired.


  1. You are lucky with that wisteria I think. Here it is slow growing, but I suppose that being warmer where you are encourages faster growth.

  2. Weather here is similar to Southern England but more stable. Once the weather changes it generally stays the same for at least a week. Good for sunny days but not for rain! Also being an ex farm our soil is very fertile