Sunday, 3 May 2015

Oui non oui non err peut etre..zoot alors choisi

Three apologies
1. My french
2. For not wtiting yesterday
3. No picture. I took a good one of my front door with the date stone above but internet is too slow to load it.
So what do I have to choose? I am over three weeks into no shampoo as part of my ditching chemicals. I have been trying to cover my grey roots with black walnut hull powder. It hasn't worked very well so I started thinking about going grey. I did lots of googling but all said the easy answer. The thing is I do not like myself with messy grey hair. Being neatly coiffed has always been important to me. I have given up my contact lenses and my size 10 body and cannot say I am too unhappy about being a spectacle wearing size 14. As my better half often reminds me I am 58, had three chidren and an abdominal hysterectomy, bless him! But grey hair I cannot do. So tomorrow I will go to my usual hairdresser and have my hair cut and coloured. I have no hope of explaining the idea of no shampoo so will have to go with it. I do feel fairly bad but this is going to have to be the one batch of chemicals I cannot ditch. Maybe when I am 65 it may be more palatable.
Didn't get on here yesterday as we had a spontaneous idea to go out to dinner. We went to a local place and had pizza with a jug of house red followed by creme brulee. Much enjoyed and needed from time to time. The owner is a lovely young lady who speaks good English and is not atfraid to use it. They have a sign outside the restaurant ' ice cream to take away' in English! This always amuses us as it is nigh on impossible to buy an ice cream when out. Once the warm weather is here we will stop and get one.
We have two bakers in our village and the little one on the corner I favour has a sign on the door.          ' English products'. Inside the shop is a glass cabinet, kept locked, with a union jack on it. Within are such things as custard creams, a jar of mincemeat, Birds custard powder and I think I saw a box of Paxo stuffing. Sometime soon I will have to buy something to show I appreciate her efforts. There is also a shop for sale with two signs ....a vendre and a phone number.....and To let and a phone number. Not sure why French can buy but English can only rent but it is good to know we are thought of.
There are little pockets of Englishness becoming evident which makes me happy
So tomorrow I go to the little salon and reunite myself with colour and shampoo whilst practising my French on the lovely young ladies who are not scared to try a little English.


  1. I am rather relieved about the hair colour. When I first read your intentions I felt rather guilty as I have dyed my hair for the last twenty years to keep the pepper and salt grey at bay. Now you are returning to the hairdresser I am quite relieved.

  2. Someone was against me as salon was closed for hols!Two weeks. So stopped and bought some loreal which I will use in the morning.