Saturday, 13 June 2015

The sun is shining

It always makes me feel better when the sun shines. This picture is part of the front of our property. You can see a damson, an Elder and a Holly tree. When we bought this place 7 years ago this was overgrown with Brambles and Ivy. The trees stood in a big overgrown bed. It took months of weeding to get it like this. You can just see the fencing we built to secure our front. This stops the dogs leaving our land. The postman was very grateful when we did this as he can now keep out of Bruno's reach! Generally the French are not too good with big dogs. Farm dogs are kept chained!
I have been doing lots of decluttering and sorting out which helps repair the damage losing my dad has caused. He has left me some money and when it comes through I am going to buy what we need to start bee keeping. Dad loved wildlife so it seems fitting.
We did bring him down here for a long weekend a few years ago. He loved using his school boy French to buy croissants for breakfast. It made realise how much he had deteriorated as he could not have done that in the last year. We took him on Eurotunnel as we felt it would be easier to cope and he was intrigued by it. He couldn't understand that we had to stay in the car. As it was a train he thought we would be sitting in a train. It was totally outside his experience. He talked about the trip for months afterwards.
Le Tertre is a very restful place, healing, and it is doing its work on me. Our latest guests left this morning saying they felt restored and rested. It is good that others see that too. This afternoon a new couple arrive, this time with two Labradors. Bruno and Frank will get very excited. I always hope people will enjoy their stay and be enriched by it.
All the bedding and towels are on the line drying in the sun, the house is quiet apart from a blackbird singing and one of my cockerels crowing. I used to think they only crowed in the morning.
I will try to call in often again. It will go mad again for the funeral but for now I will enjoy the peace.


  1. It does get easier with time Aly, and of course once the funeral is over, take it from me. I'm sure all your guests must leave feeling really rested. There are at least 3 sets of neighbours now who have chickens, all of them have cockerels, and they're all crowing throughout the day. Not that I mind....I like hearing them, it's a natural country sound. Steve has to keep the bedroom windows shut though whilst he's sleeping during the day....the noise wakes him up otherwise.

  2. Daughter now has the death certificates and an appointment with the funeral people Monday morning. I hope to have the funeral the following week. Once that is out of the way I know the healing will begin.

  3. I am pleased to hear that you are coming to terms with things Aly; I am sure that the peace and quiet of the countryside helps.