Friday, 26 June 2015

First day home

Sorry I have not been around. I left last Sunday to clear the flat and attend the funeral. Thanks to my wonderful daughter most of the work was done. We finished up on Monday morning. Monday evening we went out to dinner with P's brother and wife. Went to a country pub which was a treat.
Tuesday we went to visit auntie Elsie who will be 100 in September if she gets there. Then in the evening we went to see Jurassic World, complete with rumble seats! Had to keep my eyes closed for some of it being a complete light weight but it stopped me thinking about the next day.
The funeral was very quiet and our son in law took the service. We decided on no flowers as it was a cremation. I did get upset but regained control. After just us and daughter and husband went out for a pub lunch. It seemed right. We were the ones who were involved with him. His friend from the RAF came to the funeral but did not want to come with us. I had wrapped some plates of war time planes as a gift from dad and he was delighted. I was pleased to be able to do it.
Just a few more things to sort out then it is over.
I feel totally exhausted.
Today I pegged out three loads of washing, cleaned the bathroom and made a fruit cake. We collected our dogs from the kennels this morning too. Boring stuff but part of settling down again.
Project pond has begun...I am emptying it out to clean and repair it. Long over due. Hard work though as I am using a bucket! It will take a couple of days to do.
Changeover day tomorrow for the Gite but the next guests are staying two weeks.


  1. You need boring and ordinary now! It will seem strange having an uneventful life after weeks of drama, but it's so refreshing, take it from me.

  2. Glad it is all behind you. As Sooze (above) says - you just need boring and ordinary - that's the way to get back to normal. Take it from me too.