Friday, 19 June 2015

Geese and ducks

Today we moved the geese into the orchard sort of on their own. This picture is goose hall made from pallets. We had to take the roof and door off to lighten it enough to lift over the fence. It would not go through the gate. The geese have been attacking the ducks. Next week we are away and a friend will let them all out and put them to bed each day. During the day there will just be the guests in the Gite until we come home on Thursday. I have two ducks sitting on eggs and at least some of those eggs are due to hatch this week. The geese would attack the ducklings so they have been moved. They now share the same area as the chickens but so far have not met! They are mooching about the orchard quite happily. It does mean they no longer have the pond but I am planning on creating another small pond for them. I have yet to tell P.
I have been wanting to do this for some time. Eventually we will build another fence and gate to separate the chickens. The ducks have stayed in their area since the geese left. They had been going into the field to get away. Hopefully all will be ok whilst we are away.
P has nearly finished the plaster board downstairs in daughter and son in law's house. Just the window reveals to do. Next we have to plaster the joins then it will be second fix plumbing and electrics. The end is just about in sight. For that building anyway.
Tomorrow is changeover for the Gite so a busy morning. After lunch we take the dogs to the kennels. Then the new guests arrive in the evening. We have explained things and they are happy. We will leave them our mobile numbers and email address. Also the friend who looks after chickens, ducks, geese and cats will be here twice a day if any problems arise.
It has occured to me that this is the last time I have to go to England! Once my eldest daughter is here there is nothing to pull me back. It is a good feeling!

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