Tuesday, 14 July 2015

This and that

 so today I finished my second dress, finally winning the battle of the zip. It is the same pattern as the first, in a different colour with different trimming. At some point I will sort out a photo!
Also I have taken the decision to address my weight gain. I threw my toys out of the pram about eight months ago after a lifetime of weight watchers and have eaten whatever I wanted. This has resulted in me gaining more weight than I wish to confess to! All you need to know is I am no longer the size 10 I was! I am not bothered about getting back there but would like to be a comfortable 12 which I am struggling to get into. I will not go back to weight watchers and will never again buy any diet food. So I have signed up with My Fitness Pal, a free calorie counting app. Today I have stayed with it so day one done. It will be a slow process but I know if I stick with it the pounds will fall off. I may mention my progress from time to time but will try not to be a diet bore.
The other big thing for today is my inheritence money came through from dad and I have bought a starter kit for our bee keeping. I am very excited about this as it is something we have wanted to do for some time. I also feel it is something positive to spend the money on. I will  update this venture as  it happens! I have chosen a flat pack hive as it was cheaper delivery to France. I also thought it will help us learn about the hive whilst putting it together.
P has worked well in the cave and is beginning to look like a house. Daughter will be very pleased!

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  1. What a super thing to buy - I am sure you are right in your choice and the end produce will be delicious (although not so good from a dietary point of view.)