Wednesday, 8 July 2015

And the fruit just keeps coming

sorry no picture today. Fruit is coming in fast now and my freezer is filling. I have been given lots as everyone has excess. I have made 6 jars of blackcurrant and 6 of cherry jam. It has been cold today so I lit the Esse and did us spag bol but not enough time to make more jam.
My squash plants have flowers so I am hopeful!  All the peas are in now and most of the raspberries. I have autumn fruiting raspberries too so something to look forward to. Tomorrow I will be given another big bucket of blackcurrants.
My first dress is done, been worn and washed and survived! Second is underway.
Pond is now cleared. Will patch it tomorrow and install the new pump then wait for lots of rain. It seems to have taken ages.
Still trying to finish sorting things after losing dad! Despite the 'tell us once' scheme pension and disability allowance have still been paid. I just want it over with.
Been feeling quite low today but I guess that will continue to happen for a while. I need to get stuck into a big project to keep me busy. Will give it some thought.

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  1. Those blackcurrants sound like a 'big project' to me.