Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Project pond

Sorry no picture but thought I would report on progress. First, it is so hot here it is impossible to be in the garden during the day. Work has to be done early morning and later in the evening. There is now just a layer of about 6" of sludge. The sun has evaporated the remaining water. We are due rain overnight which could affect this. It will now need two of us to finish the job, one to be in the pond filling buckets the other to empty the buckets. The ducks are using the plaster trough for now. They take turns at sitting in it to wet their feathers. It will be lovely to see them in a clean pond. We have a new pump on order. Our plan is to put gutters on the big barn at the front of our property that will feed a 500l water butt. We will pipe this water down to the pond. We will then dig a trench for a pipe so that excess water can empty into the orchard. This will give the pond the flow through it needs. It will also keep the orchard watered. This will probably have to wait until Autumn as there is no way I dig trenches in this heat.
My dressmaking is going well. I sorted out the tension on my machine and corrected the zip. I now have a dress with just the facings and hem to do. I think I will put a bit of lace trimming on too. I am confident now I can make most of my own clothes again. It is a good feeling.
I am not doing much crochet as it is too hot. The blanket is very big now so I think it will be done for the coming winter.
When it is so hot it is impossible to remember how cold it can be. The idea of having the wood burners going seems crazy. I feel the same in winter about summer. I love the way seasons are so strongly marked here. The barley and wheat is almost ready so the combines will be out soon.
So the year marches on.

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