Thursday, 2 July 2015

first fruits ( and veg)

First peas picked today,lots more to follow. Also picked lots of raspberries which are in the freezer now. I will pick some each day as they ripen and add them to the bag ready for jam making. The red onions are looking good and I have two small cauliflowers. I love collecting home grown fruit and veg. My thornless blackberry is growing well and is covered in small green berries.
Tomorrow I will attack my veg patch with weed killer to clear the paths between the beds. Then I can hand weed the beds to give the veg more room. I have a few areas around the garden that are covered with brambles despite constant cutting back. It will be weedkiller there too.
My 3 cockerels have been fighting today and they are all bloodied. One of them has seriously injured one of my girls. As much as I love having chicks running around I cannot cope with this. The cockerels will not be replaced. Each year I will buy a couple of point of lay hybrid hens at a market to keep the eggs coming.  I have a friend who will dispatch a cockerel for me if I ask. It will be difficult for me to do but I cannot stand by and see the girls suffer. I only brought a cockerel in because I thought the girls would not lay without one. I know better now but these boys are home grown. I should have dealt with them last year when they were young enough to eat. I need to change my softness towards them!
Tonight we went out to our favourite pizza place. P is 59 today! Where did the years go?
Not so hot today and an almighty thunderstorm this morning. More water to bail out of the pond, tomorrow!

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