Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Look what has arrived

I had a quick weekend with my daughter in the UK, which is why I have been quiet. I arrived home yesterday evening. When I went to check on my family I found a fluffy yellow duckling running about the duck area. When I checked the eggs another had pipped. The first duckling I brought in and put under the heat lamp. We have lots of crows and buzzards who would take a small duckling. This morning the second duckling is nearly out so has also gone under the lamp. I hope to keep the two safe. I have done this many times before so know things can go wrong. Ducks are careless mothers so I have no problem taking these two. If any others hatch I will decide then whether to take them.
I will keep you posted on how they are doing.
Also my bee hive and gear is here. We are both very excited and are looking forward to building the hive. Another chapter in our lives begins.
We are having a big push to progress the cave ready for daughter and hubby. I am so looking forward to having them here.


  1. They're so cute, Aly. Hope they survive ok.

  2. Today's hatchling has now shed the shell and fluffed up. They are snuggled together and have both pecked at the feed.

  3. Do agree about ducks being rather careless mothers. We had one on our beck (semi-wild - white but not belonging to anyone) and she hatched twelve
    ducklings, but within two days they had all disappeared. Crows, magpies, stoats, weasels and birds of prey round here - all on the look-out for something to feed their own broods.