Sunday, 26 April 2015

The geese arrive

These are my pair of White geese on our pond. This area is fenced in with the duck den and goose hall on the left. I will add more pictures when the rain allows me outside. The geese are my newest addition. In the past I was frightened of geese thinking them aggressive. The gander is very protective of his mate, especially when she is laying her egg but I have picked him up. It would seem they are ok with their carer! The ducks were all round the feeders when I took this picture so I will ensure they are in the next picture.
The goose eggs are lovely, big white ones. I had been leaving her eggs in the nest in the hope she would sit but not so far. She is not yet a year old so maybe she is too young to go broody.
I have removed the duck eggs too as they had been there some time and I didn't want to risk bad eggs. They are also showing no sign of broodiness. In the past I have hatched ducklings with an incubator but took the decision last year to leave it to nature. It was so lovely having ducklings around. Some I helped to hatch and taught them to swim in the kitchen sink. They progressed to a paddling pool before going to the pond. They were Rouen ducks, my favourite. Sadly, I went through a very depressed stage and was desperate to go back to England so gave away all my ducks. I regret it immensely and keep looking for more Rouen ducks. I have Alylesbury ducks now and two Mallards. I could do with another Drake really as I have one to six girls. The search continues.
The ducks are a pleasure to watch but I am amazed the species continues as they are so careless with their young. The eggs are never hidden either. Mrs goose covers her eggs with straw before leaving the house.
So I hope to get some fluffy tiddlers this year but do think it likely.

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